Recurring plans:
Secure VPN Weekly - $2.10/Every 1 week
Secure VPN Monthly - $6.50/Every 1 month
Secure VPN 6 Month - $30.00/Every 6 month
Secure VPN Yearly - $50.00/Every 1 year
Non-recurring Plans:
Secure VPN 1 Week - $4.10
Secure VPN 1 Month - $8.50
Secure VPN 6 Months - $32.00
Secure VPN 1 Year - $52.00
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 Terms of Use

  • Users of services must be 18 years old or older.
  • Both the access to the Service and its usage are protected by each User’s non-public login and password. The User is the sole user of the Service provided and is responsible for its safe usage, valid legal provisions, international law, good manners and business customs. The User, when taking due care, is particularly obliged to protect his user account, login and password for accessing the Service against their unauthorized use or abuse, to prevent the loss of his user name or password, to prevent an unauthorized use of the Service, the theft of his user name or password, the copying of his user name and password or their provision to a third party, etc.
  • The User undertakes to, especially: A) prevent third parties from using the Service; B) prevent abuse of the Service or to refrain from using the Service himself for fraudulent or false activities or activities that are in contradiction to good manners, activities the character of which constitutes a crime, an infraction or other illegal activities prohibited by law or other activities prohibited by these Terms and Conditions.
  • The User is fully responsible for all operations and activities conducted through the User’s account. Besides these Terms of Use, the User is obliged to comply with his national legal order and Provider’s national legal order.
  • The User is not allowed to share his account with another person.
  • The User also further undertakes to:
    • not pay for the Service ordered with a stolen or falsified credit card or with any other illegal means;
    • refrain from using any of the Services for any attack or attempted attacks (such as hacking, breaking a firewall, etc.) at any other computer, server, Internet network or other technical devices, including software, that are connected to the Internet;
    • not endanger or damage in any way the Provider’s or a third party’s technical devices, including their source codes and databases;
    • not use any of the Services to transfer malware, such as viruses, trojan horses, worms, etc.;
    • not use any of the Services neither for accepting nor publishing nor providing harmful content, such as content in breach of copyright, pirated copies of copyrighted works (such as CDs, DVDs, software), child pornography, etc.;
    • not use any of the Services for sending unsolicited commercial messages or other harmful or fraudulent content, data and information, such as SPAMs, unsolicited SMS messages, advertising and marketing messages, etc.;
    • not use any of the Services for sending legal commercial messages in the opt-in regime;
    • not use any of the Services for activities the content of which is child pornography, supporting or promoting criminal activities, including terrorism and extremism, such as activities that include accepting, publishing, selling, linking, etc.;
    • not use any of the Services for activities that constitute or could constitute an infraction, a crime or the preparation or attempt thereof that is punishable according to Provider’s national legal order, EU law, international law, including the User’s national legal order;
    • not use any of the Services to dangerously persecute or threaten a third party;
    • not use any means that are able to endanger or curb the use of the Services by other users;
    • not use the Service for excessive data transfer.