Update to OpenVPN Certificates

The SSL certificates for OpenVPN were signed with MD5 and this has been depreciated.

We have updated the certificates and the OpenVPN configuration. The new profile can be downloaded here.

No Email or Name Needed

Eyes off VPN is pleased to announce that we are no longer requiring a name or email address to signup for our services. Use your credit or any Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift card.

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Anonymity does not breed bad behavior.

The right to withhold your identify, like the right to remain silent, is not the sign of a thug or child predator. It is the sign of a free human being. Continue reading Anonymity does not breed bad behavior.

Benefits of VPN while you travel

When my husband was traveling to Houston, Korea and Germany, I missed him terribly.  We don’t like being apart, but I had to stay and take care of our animals and he needed to travel for work.  We stayed in touch via Skype, sometimes the quality wasn’t that great, but even having the screen freeze with him there in front of me and still hearing his voice was comforting.  It actually sent me to tears the first time I saw him over Skype because I missed seeing his face so much.

One of the reasons you need Eyes Off VPN if you are traveling to the Caribbean or the Bahamas (for example) is so you can stay in touch with your loved ones without being forced to pay outrageous fees.  Why not spend $6.50 for 1 month of service or spend 52.00 and be covered all year.  Stay in touch with your loved ones.  Talk via Skype!  It’s easy to configure even for non geeky types.  Some say the video is not that great, and if that’s the case, just talk, if you can see their face, (I know), it’s better than not seeing or hearing from them at all.

If you are not paying for it, you are the product

This article by NPR was telling where the author Julia Angwin said she’s been googling about 26,000 times per month and they have all of her data. It’s amazing to think about all the information that those providing “free” internet access are actually gathering about you.  The fact of the matter is, some of the information is accurate, and some of it is not and you had no input in changing that perception.  Want to see some of what they have on you?  Type in www.google.com and go to settings (bottom right hand corner of your screen) and choose Web History, I’ve only had 7,986 google searches, and this data is used to bring me ads that might suit my wants, needs and desires.  By using Eyes Off VPN, I mitigate some of that risk, by keeping what I do online, private.  Go ahead, give it a try, we give you a 7 day free trial, it’s worth it!

Free Wifi? Who else is listening?

A friend of ours is in Miami Beach where they have city wide free wifi.  That’s great and all, but who else is using that wifi that might be interested in your traffic?  Criminals, cartels, the police, NSA, hackers? Continue reading Free Wifi? Who else is listening?

If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear, right?

WRONG!  This is absolutely a false statement!

Take a few minutes and read the four arguments made by Rick Falkvinge.  Rick is the founder of the first Pirate Party and is a political evangelist, traveling around Europe and the world to talk and write about ideas of a sensible information policy.


Very interesting article and a reason to start protecting yourself.  Eyes Off VPN can help protect your privacy on the Internet, sign up today for as little as $4.17/month!

SGrouples, the new private social networking site?

Came across this article this morning, introducing a new social media site called Sgrouples!   After reading this article, we did sign up!  We like the principles that are behind it. You can connect to Facebook and to Linked In and also Twitter.  Take a look, read the article, make up your own mind.  Let us know what you think!

Put this and Eyes Off VPN together and your privacy will be even more protected!

Privacy from a teenager’s perspective!

I took a moment to read this article, privacy from a teenager’s perspective, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/murray-rosenbaum/smartphone-privacy_b_4164498.html.  Interesting perspective.  Eye’s Off VPN can help you protect some of your privacy, not all, but it’s a start!  Try it free for 7 days or pick up an annual subscription and start keeping some of your data private!

Internet Privacy – bigger than you think!

We can’t save you from all they discuss in this article, but we can help protect your location and identity when you are online doing whatever it is you do out there.  Take a read on this article and then take a moment and sign up for Eyes Off VPN, it’s only $4.17/month!


“A lot of people think about privacy but don’t really care until something happens to them personally,” said Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. “It’s like freedom. You don’t appreciate it until it’s gone. If you are a victim of identity theft, you experience a change of world view, you realize how little control you have over your world.”