Benefits of VPN while you travel

When my husband was traveling to Houston, Korea and Germany, I missed him terribly.  We don’t like being apart, but I had to stay and take care of our animals and he needed to travel for work.  We stayed in touch via Skype, sometimes the quality wasn’t that great, but even having the screen freeze with him there in front of me and still hearing his voice was comforting.  It actually sent me to tears the first time I saw him over Skype because I missed seeing his face so much.

One of the reasons you need Eyes Off VPN if you are traveling to the Caribbean or the Bahamas (for example) is so you can stay in touch with your loved ones without being forced to pay outrageous fees.  Why not spend $6.50 for 1 month of service or spend 52.00 and be covered all year.  Stay in touch with your loved ones.  Talk via Skype!  It’s easy to configure even for non geeky types.  Some say the video is not that great, and if that’s the case, just talk, if you can see their face, (I know), it’s better than not seeing or hearing from them at all.

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