Let’s get started

There is still a lot of work to be done to make our service useable by everyone. A lot of documentation needs to be written for all the different platforms we support, more concentrators have to be deployed, and more more more more. But I believe we are at the point of satisfying our design goals.

Eyes Off VPN was built to provide the highest level of security possible. While we are using the same technologies as other VPN providers we put the pieces together in a different way. Our VPN concentrators are completely independent, there is no personal information stored, and no logs are kept. We provide a TOR proxy on each concentrator to further protect your privacy. Additionally, because our systems are stateless and boot from read-only media you can be assured that nothing should get Eyes on Your data.

Our future plans include:

  • Adding more countries
  • Non-recurring accounts
  • Accept Bitcoin
  • L2TP

Privacy is important:

… He recalled a conversation with his wife in 1973, sitting on a New Jersey park bench. “I told her that we were headed into a world where people would have important, intimate, long-term relationships with people they had never met face to face,” he said. “I was worried about privacy in that world, and that’s why I was working on cryptography.”

– Whitfield Diffie via Ars Technica

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